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Highlighted Features

With CHATSDB’s centralized Platform, businesses can easily manage and respond to customer inquiries, resulting in increased sales, engagement, and loyalty.

Multi-login Team Inbox

Team Inbox supports team collaborations by enabling multiple simultaneous logins.

✓  Manage and reply customers as a team

✓  Improve efficiency with your team

✓  Manage CRM as a team


Integrated Messenger

Manage inquiries by messaging customers instantly across all channels

✓  All-in-One Message Inbox

✓  Make every customer connection count

✓  Chatbots for all customer channels


Virtual CS

Conversational marketing performs like a Virtual CS, is more like a conversation with a friend or referral instead of talking to an audience.

✓  Convert Sales by triggering conversations by Live Chat & Bots

✓  Create availability to communicate with prospects

✓  Create frequent engagement and loyalty with customer

✓  Instant Benefits to facilitate a conversation


Automation & Broadcasting

Free up your team’s time by working 24/7 automation and unique broadcast on trusted messaging apps results in next-level experiences along the customer journey.

✓  Keyword Automation
✓  Chatbot auto-reply

✓  Mass message broadcasting


Secure transaction
in Conversation

Turn conversation into conversion. Offer a one-time payment link with personalised promotion discounts and product bundles. Confirm order details with automations and generate receipt in chats.

✓  Allow you to accept payments directly in the conversation

✓  Smoothen the whole customer Journey

✓  Instant sales support


CRM & Segmentation

Powerful CRM with segmented contacts built by customers' entire journey, including web & social profiles, visitor behaviors, purchase patterns & interests, and chat activities of every messaging channels

✓  Centralised social customer relationship management

✓  Create custom tag for every customer for better support

✓  Advanced filtering for more targeted messages

Boost your business with Chatsdb!

We support ALL popular chatting apps.

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